New LP "Distorted Visions"


September 25, 2014
My new video "Stress" was released! It is the craziest I have ever done! It took ages to finish - more than 2 years! You can watch it in the video page or in Youtube. More

May 1, 2014
My new EP is free! It includes 2 new tracks and the "Star Wars" and Ramones remixes! You just have to be a fan of the Speaker Blower Records Facebook page! Download

  Neuro Funk, Tech Step & Dark Step
Born on the need to fill a gap, Dr. Speaker Blower started the first drum´n´bass label in Portugal: Speaker Blower Records. Featuring some of the best d´n´b DJs and producers in this country, it starts as a netlabel but has plans to grow. As a promotional edition, the label has available in its website the free release SBR#000, available in wav and mp3 formats.
  Only for Facebook fans
"Structural" is the name of a free LP with 10 classic forward-thinking tracks. This new LP features tracks that were not suitable for the SBR label so they were never released. Includes instant classics as "System Crash", "The Living Dead", "Time Warp", "Back Home" and "Inside". Can you afford to miss this free edition? Become a fan to download
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