New LP "Distorted Visions"

Lost & Found
Brand new FREE EP with 4 tracks including 2 drum´n´bass remixes: Ramones "Blietzkrieg Bop" and John Williams (Star Wars) "Darth Vader Theme". It also includes 2 new tracks - "Stress" and "Acoustic Levitation" (with MC Tresh). Only available in the Speaker Blower Records Facebook Page - you need to be a fan to be able to download this EP.

TNT - VST Plugin with 2 flavours
TNT is a new saturation/distortion 32 bit VST plugin for PC and it has 2 flavours: single band and multi-band. Each version has mono and stereo components so it totals 4 free plugins. Download in the audio section.

Alien Technology
To celebrate my 15 year career, a new bunch of original sci-fi music videos was produced by Ourafilmes. The first is "Alien Technology", for sure my best video so far and it is presented as a 50s Sci-Fi movie. Then, the following 5 videos will be presented as a 50s Sci-Fi TV series so, the storyline of one episode will be followed on the next episode. You can see them in Youtube or in the video section of this website.

Distorted Visions
Brand new LP featuring 8 technical tracks (2 are collaborations) and also the powerful free bonus track "Alien Technology Remix" (exclusive in the SBR shop). This album is clearly a lot more
tech sounding than its predecessors and the Dr. SB sound is now more refined than ever! This is a step forward to a new level: it is called space funk! Listen in the SBR website

New and free LP with 10 classic killer tracks but only for Dr. Speaker Blower Facebook fans. This new LP features tracks that were not suitable for the SBR label so they were never released. Includes instant classics as "System Crash", "The Living Dead", "Time Warp", "Back Home" and "Inside". Can you afford to miss this free edition? Become a fan to download

New free track to start 2013 full of energy
Dr. Speaker Blower and Mc Tresh wish all fans a happy 2013 with a free track full of energy! It´s the 2013 remix of the killer track "Seriously Affected". You can download it here.

New Album and Video
Dr. Speaker Blower is preparing a brand new album with 8 tracks (+1 free bonus track) and a HD video for one of the tracks. The track name is "First Rays of Darkness" and the video was already released as a LP preview. You can watch it here or download in the video section.

Brand new single with 2 powerful tracks and also a great sounding free bonus track (in the SBR shop). This release (SBR #7) has an aggressive sound with pure rage release, hot blood and technical madness. It is inspired in the street racing scene across the globe, when they have to escape the police!. Listen in the SBR website

Dr. Speaker Blower produces Soundtrack
"Geração à rasca" is the new Ourafilmes project and it features a full original soundtrack performed by Dr. Speaker Blower. It is a 50 min. pilot episode for an alternative youth tv series. It includes 11 hot tracks from ambient to rock, from trance to drum´n´bass! watch episode in youtube

Speaker Blower Records Showcase [hosted by Mc Tresh]
The "Evolution of darkness 1" mix is the 2010 showcase for the first d´n´b label in Portugal. In a 75 minutes journey, it includes tracks from the last 5 releases and also features some surprises! Don´t miss this one! Get it here     video

Man versus Machine
This new EP - the release SBR #5 - has 4 tracks but there´s another one that is a free bonus in the SBR shop. With a futuristic and advanced thinking sound, this record is a mark of a new era. There´s also a track with the collaboration of Mc Tresh, one of best D´n´B Mcs in Portugal. Listen in the SBR website

New FX Pack, Synths Pack and TOTAL Pack
Dr. Speaker Blower released his personal VST effects and Synths! The FX Pack includes more than 30 FX, the Synths Pack has 6 phat synthesizers and the TOTAL Pack includes both packs and has a lot of bonus in both VST and REAKTOR formats. check it out

The Spider and The Fly
It is now available the first EP in the Speaker Blower Records label (release SBR#4). It has 4 powerful drum´n´bass tracks including one track in collaboration with Mc Tresh. It features the tracks "The Spider and The Fly", "Prisma", "Two Faces" and "Gravitational Force". More info in the SBR website

Dark Side Has No Gravity
The first album on the new Speaker Blower Records label is available (release SBR#001). After a year in the making and with a total of 15 new, forward-thinking drum´n´bass tracks, this records has 10 original tracks. It also includes 5 collaborations with some of the best d´n´b producers from Portugal. More in the SBR website

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