New LP "Distorted Visions"

About Dr. Speaker Blower
Dr. Speaker Blower is Miguel Santos. He started 3 Rock/Hardcore/Punk bands when was a teenager. In 1998, he started Sonic Tribe Indians - with Jota Mudo they were the first drum´n´bass band in Portugal (1998-2002). Playing always in Live Act and in many different venues in Oporto (including a Live Act on a boat in the Douro river in Oporto in July 2001), they released several singles and one album.

After Jota Mudo left the band, Dr. Speaker Blower kept going alone, experimenting with new sounds, beats and atmospheres creating his own style. He has also created several VST instruments and effects - among other free software available in the Ourafilmes website, a video company he started in 1997. He works as a sound teacher (currently working on a PhD on sound for film) and also recording on location, sound design and post production for film and tv.

The advanced d´n´b label Speaker Blower Records is his last project and, so far, is the biggest. This label is a new state of mind and an artistic expression. It is a new tendencies, forward-thinking drum´n´bass label from Portugal (and also the first dnb label in this country).

In 2012, he produced the complete soundtrack for the 50 minute youth tv series pilot episode "Geração à rasca". This project includes ambient tracks, trance, rock and drum´n´bass. You can listen to these tracks here or in youtube.

Releases in the SBR label
"Dark Side Has No Gravity" is the first album in the Speaker Blower Records label (release SBR#001). After a year in the making and with a total of 15 tracks, this record has 10 original tracks. It also includes 5 collaborations with some of the best d´n´b producers from Portugal and one with Mc Tresh.

"The Spider and The Fly" is an EP with 4 tracks including one with Mc Tresh and is the release SBR#4. "Man versus Machine" is SBR#5, the latest EP with 4 tracks (one with Mc Tresh) and a bonus track (free download) available only in the SBR store.

The single "Core/Nuvolari" is the release SBR#7 (August 2012) and it includes a free track, again, available only in the SBR store.

The new 2nd album in the SBR label "Distorted Visions" (SBR#8) was released in April 2013 and, you guessed it, also includes a free track. Check it out! Listen in the SBR website

This LP was fully covered with music videos by Ourafilmes. First with "First Rays of Darkness" in 2012 (as an album preview), then with "The Sandeman" with the release of the LP. Later in 2013 a series of 6 sci-fi videos was released: "Alien Technology" is the first and was released as a "50s sci-fi movie". After that, the following 5 videos are made as a "50s sci-fi tv series". Check them in Youtube.

The "Structural" free LP was also released in 2013 in the Dr. SB Facebook page. Featuring 10 unreleased tracks from 2005-2013, it includes instant classics as "System Crash", "The Living Dead", "Time Warp", "Back Home" and "Inside".

In 2014, the free EP "Lost & Found" was released exclusively in the Speaker Blower Records Facebook page and it includes 2 d´n´b remixes (Ramones and Star Wars theme) and 2 new tracks "Acoustic Levitation" (featuring Mc Tresh) and "Stress".

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